Extended Childhood Disorder Inventory (ECDI-s)
Extended Childhood Disorder Inventory - Self-Administered (ECDI-s) v. 1.2, © 2010-2019, Dr. Robert Epstein  

Before we get to the inventory itself, we'll ask you a few basic questions about yourself. This information is being collected for research purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential. After you complete the inventory, you will immediately receive a detailed analysis of the results.

*Required response

Group code (if applicable):

A. Background Questions

*Your initials, first name, or full name:

*Your age:

*Highest degree:
High School

American Indian


*Sexual orientation:
Gay or lesbian

*How fluent are you in English?
Not very fluent   10  Highly fluent

*Country of residence: Other:
If in the USA, what state?    

*Generally speaking, how happy are you?
Low   10  High

*Generally speaking, how angry are you?
Low   10  High

*In recent weeks, how depressed have you been?
Low   10  High

*In recent weeks, how anxious or agitated have you been?
Low   10  High

*Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychological disorder?  Yes    No

If so, what was the diagnosis? 

*Are you currently on medication to treat a psychological problem? Yes   No

*Have you ever been on medication to treat a psychological problem? Yes   No

*Are you currently receiving therapy or counseling? Yes   No

*Have you ever received therapy or counseling? Yes   No

*Have you ever been admitted to a mental health facility? Yes   No

*Have you ever been arrested? Yes   No

*With whom do you live?
    with my parents 
    in a foster home 
    in a group home or facility 
    with relatives 
    with roommates 
    with my partner or spouse 
    on my own 
    in a shelter 
    in a dormitory 
    in an assisted living facility or nursing home 
    in jail, prison, or a juvenile detention facility 

*Are you currently in school? Yes   No

*Are you currently employed? Yes   No

*Are you married? Yes   No

*Are you pregnant or a parent? Yes   No

B. Test Items

Click the open boxes below to select items that you feel are applicable to you. There are no right or wrong answers. If an item does not apply to your life, just skip it.

*1. Within the past year, I have thought about running away from home, talked about running away, or run away.

*2. Within the past year, I have been fired from one or more jobs.

*3. Within the past six months, I have been depressed for a period of at least two weeks with no apparent cause.

*4. I spend most or all waking hours with images, icons, idols, or products of teen culture.

*5. I sometimes behave like a mature individual and sometimes like a young child, and the shift between these two states can occur suddenly and with little or no apparent cause.

*6. I sometimes go to extreme lengths to express my individuality by imitating eccentric teen icons (for example, by wearing baggy pants, dying my hair a neon color, shaving off my eyebrows, or getting multiple tattoos or piercings).

*7. I have little respect for rules or laws and may have broken the law within the past six months (for example, by violating a curfew or committing vandalism, arson, or theft).

*8. I am in contact with friends during most waking hours through face-to-face contact or electronic communication.

*9. My mood changes frequently (more than once a day, or every few days), even when events in my life do not seem to call for a change in mood.

*10. I sometimes engage in risky behavior often seen as inappropriate for young people (although perhaps common among adults), such as sexual behavior, smoking, gambling, or drinking.

*11. I sometimes feel like hurting myself (for example, by cutting or burning) and have done so or tried to do so within the past six months.

*12. Within the past year, I have been violent, planned violence, or possessed or used weapons.

*13. I have a poor self-image or low self-esteem, or am very self-conscious or concerned about my image, weight, or body type.

*14. Within the past year, I have had thoughts of committing suicide, have spoken of committing suicide, have planned a suicide, or have attempted suicide.

*15. I am in conflict with my parents, teachers, or other authority figures at least once a week.

*16. Over the past six months, and for a period lasting at least two weeks, I have felt lonely, have felt awkward or anxious around other people, or have withdrawn from other people.

*17. I get into trouble at school at least once a month, or have been suspended or expelled from school within the past year.

*18. I feel that I have little or no control over my life.

*19. I am very dependent on and involved with my friends (possibly but not necessarily through gang activity).

*20. I use psychoactive substances (recreational drugs, alcohol, or non-prescribed prescription drugs) at least once a month, and sometimes that has negative consequences.

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